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CM-26d | CM-26dG Portable Spectrophotometer

CM-26d | CM-26dG Portable Spectrophotometer
Konica Minolta


  • d:8° geometry with Xenon Flash technology and optical sample viewer
  • Integrated 60°-gloss sensor
  • Two measurement areas: MAV (8mm) and SAV (3mm)
  • Best-in-class Inter-Instrument-Agreement for true “Digital Color Data Management”
  • Connectable via USB and optional Bluetooth™
  • Large and easy-to-read high-resolution 2.7” TFT color display
  • Group sorting of data by user-definable tags
  • Image-based workflows


Automobile, Ceramics, Chemical, Construction, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food, Medical, Paint, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Paper & Packaging


  Model CM-26dG

Illumination/ viewing system

di: 8°, de: 8° (diffuse illumination: 8° viewing)

SCI (specular component included) / SCE (specular component excluded) switchable

Integrating sphere

Ø54 mm

Light source

Pulsed xenon lamp ×2


Dual 40-element silicon photodiode arrays

Spectral separation device

Planar diffraction grating

Measurement Wavelength range

360 to 740 nm

Measurement Wavelength pitch

10 nm

Measurement area

MAV: Ø8 mm

SAV: Ø3 mm


Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.02

Inter-instrument agreement

Within ΔE*ab 0.12


2° observer angle, 10° observer angle


A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12, ID50, ID65, User-defined illuminant*2

(Simultaneous evaluation with two light sources possible)

Display items

Colorimetric values/graph, color difference values/graph, spectral graph, pass/fail judgment, pseudocolor

Colorimetric values

L*a*b*, L*C*h, Hunter Lab, Yxy, XYZ, and color difference in these spaces; Munsell (C)


MI, WI (ASTM E313-73), YI (ASTM E313-73, ASTM D1925), ISO brightness (ISO 2470), WI/Tint (CIE/Ganz), Strength, Opacity, Grey scale (ISO 105-A05), 8° gloss value, User index *2

Color difference equations

ΔE*ab (CIE1976) / ΔE94 (CIE1994) / ΔE00 (CIE2000) / CMC (l:c) / Hunter ΔE / DIN99o

Applicable standards

DIN 5033 Teil 7, JIS Z 8722 Condition “c”, ISO 7724/1, CIE No.15


Measurement angle


Light Source

White LED


Silicon photodiode

Color Sensitivity

Spectrally adjusted to CIE photopic luminous efficiency V (λ) under CIE illuminant C

Measurement range

0 to 200 GU; Display resolution:0.1 GU

Measurement area

MAV: 10 x 7 mm

SAV: Ø3 mm


USB 2.0; Bluetooth (SPP-compatible. Optional Bluetooth module required)


Dedicated lithium-ion battery (removable), USB bus power (with lithium-ion battery installed), Dedicated AC adapter (with lithium-ion battery installed)

Charging time

Approx. 6 h

Operating temperature/ humidity range

Temperature: 5 to 40°C, Relative humidity: 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation

Storage temperature/ humidity range

Temperature: 0 to 45°C, Relative humidity: 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation


Approx. 81 (W) × 93 (H) × 229 (D) mm


Approx. 660 g


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