Colour and Light Measurement Solutions

CS-200 Luminance Color Meter

CS-200 Luminance Color Meter
Konica Minolta


  • Easy to use and affordable – great for beginners
  • Portable – battery powered and lightweight
  • Luminance and chromaticity – can measure both aspects of a display
  • Auto mode – the device determines the measurement speed according to the application
  • All luminance levels – can be used for any light and display application both low and high luminances
  • Measurement angle switching – can be switched between 1, 0.2, and 0.1 degrees according to application
  • Data management software – CS-S10w is included as a standard accessory


  • To Measure  Luminance (cd/m2) and Chromaticity  of  Automotive Cluster, TV/Medical Display, cockpit and run way lighting in Aerospace , Digital cinema screen calibration.


Measurement 0.01   – 200,000 cd/m² (Measuring angle 1°)
0.01 – 5,000,000 cd/m² (Measuring angle 0.2°)
0.01 – 20,000,000 cd/m² (Measuring angle 0.1°)
Measuring angle 1°, 0.2°, 0.1° (switchable)
Minimum measuring area 0.5 mm
0.1 mm (close up lens)
Color space  Lv x y, Lv u’ v’, Lv T Δ uv, XYZ, dominant wavelength
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