Colour and Light Measurement Solutions

JAYPAK Color Management Software

JAYPAK Color Management Software


  • Supporting QTX file format for accessing data received from the buyer.

  • Shade Sorting using : LAB, 555, HUE, CHROMA, STRENGTH.

  • Color On Screen for 3 sources for any selected illuminant.

  • Customized reports printing.

  • Graphical Representation of RFL, chromaticity co-ordinates, LAB space, LCH space.

  • Color Strength Evaluation at Selected Wavelength, maximum wavelength integral & all wavelengths.

  • Various Whiteness and Yellowness Indices.

Recipe Prediction:

  • Quick match for single recipe and Job Wizard for multiple recipes. Matching for self-shade and maximum up to 5 dyes combination (that is 1 to 5 dyes combiation).
  • Reformulation and correction of off-shade batches with known and unknown recipes.
  • Manual Matching : A colorist can try to match any particular shade using his skill.


  • Colour quality control in paint, plastic,ceramic, automobile, paper and ink industries.
  • Color receipe prediction in textile, paint and plastic industry.


  • Supports 2 observers and 14 illuminants i.e. D65, A, D50, D75, D55, F11 (TL84F), F2 (CWF), F7, C U50, U30 (F12), F6, F8, F10.
  • Various Color Co-ordinates for the following color spaces: CIE76, Hunter, Aanalab, CIELab-76/94, FMCII, JPC79, CMC (2:1), BDF, CIE 2000.


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