Colour and Light Measurement Solutions

CS-2000 | CS-2000A Spectroradiometer

CS-2000 | CS-2000A Spectroradiometer
Konica Minolta


  • Easy to use – simple operation panel and color LCD screen
  • Detect extremely low luminances – can measure levels of 0.003 cd/m2 ( 0.0005 cd/m2  incase of model CS-2000A) and contrasts of 100,000:1
  • Quick measurements – completed in as little as 5 seconds
  • Low polarization effect – which makes this instrument ideal for LCDs
  • Selectable measuring angle – user can select optimal angle for all types of applications
  • 3 measurement settings – internal and external synchronization and multi-integration mode


  • Display , OLED R&D ,Automobile, Electronics,Medical, 



Wavelength range 380 to 780 nm
Median wavelength precision ±0.3nm (at 435.8nm, 546.1nm, and 643.8nm)
Measuring angle (selectable) 1o 0.2o 0.1o
Measurement luminance range (Standard light source A) for Model CS-2000 in cd/m2 0.003 to 5,000 0.075 to 125,000 0.3 to 500,000
Measurement luminance range (Standard light source A) for Model CS-2000A  in cd/m2 0.0005 to 5,000 0.0125 to 125,000 0.05 to 500,000
Color space mode L,xy, Lv, u’v’, Lv, TΔuv, XYZ spectral graph, dominant wavelength, excitation purity
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