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Infrared Dyeing Machine ( Starlet 3 )

Infrared Dyeing Machine ( Starlet 3 )
Daelim Starlet


  • Wireless sensor guarantee no maintenance of temperature sensor.(Patents, design register)
  • The dyeing pots are rotated 360° and guarantee even dyeing.
  • - CPU Micro processor DLS-8800.
  • Be fit for various kinds of textile dyeing. (Knit & Woven, Yarn)
  • - Spandex(Poly, N/Tactel, Acetate), P/Matte Jersey, Polar Fleece. 
  • - Blended Fabric, Micro Fiber, P/N, P/W, A/N, P/A.
  • Save time due to next dyeing reservation.
  • Pleasant circumstance in laboratory due to no gas, very silent safety & economic working compare to the PEG machine.
  • Because the dyeing pot is made by press and special electronic processing instead of trimming it is prevented from contamination and very fit P/C, P/R, P/W, P/N due to various pot capacity such as 150ml,300ml,500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 4000ml.
  • Dosing system for reactive dyeing. (Option).
  • Large graphic display for dyeing status on LCD monitor.
  • Easy installation due to air cooling system.


  • Laboratory dyeing machines are used in textile dyeing houses and dye manufacturer's laboratories to create sample dyeing. Use of infrared laboratory dyeing machine saves lot of time and cable of creating accurate, reproducible color in production environment.


Model DL-6000 Plus DL-6000 Plus
(Starlet-3) (Starlet-Big3)
Number of specimen 16 or 24 pots 32 pots
Test bottle 150(Standard), 300ml, 500ml,
1000ml, 2000ml, 4000ml(Option)
Temp. controller DLS-8800
Temp. range 25~1400C
Temp. accuracy 0.50C at 1300C
Rotating speed range 0~60r/min. 0~60r/min.
Infrared heater 3600W 5400W
Cooling system Fan air circulation Fan air circulation
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