Colour and Light Measurement Solutions

Automatic Lab Color Dispensing System

Automatic Lab Color Dispensing System
Daelim Starlet



  • Dyestuff bottle 98ea(1000cc), 120ea(1000cc), 144ea(800cc).
  • Auxiliary bottle 5ea(2000cc) - Option.
  • Equipped with two robots, quick pipetting by the increased capacity of syringe. (40cc upto 80cc) 
  • - 3 Combi. (Medium color) 12 pot dispensing → Approx. 4 min. 
  • - 3 Combi. (Medium color) 24 pot dispensing → Approx. 8 min.
  • Accurate dispensing. (±0.02cc)
  • Maintenance free. (Tubeless & Auto cleaning & Simple design)
  • Perfect color matching for disperse dyestuff due to tubeless.
  • Exact dispensing for light color(Gray, Beige, Khaki) guarantee high production due to decrease additional coloring.
  • Dispensable directly to the various dyeing pot without any other tools - IR dyeing pot 150ml, 300ml, 500ml, beaker, flask, conical beaker, etc. 
  • 5 step auto cleaning system - Don' t worry about contamination.
  • Cation.(Acid cleaning) 
  • Precheck by program for remain dyestuff.


  • Colour dispensing in textile laboratory.


Model DLF-098
Stock table Dyestuff bottle
1000cc x 98 each
Dispensing method Volume/Weighing metric (Option)
Auxiliary bottle 2000cc X 5ea (Option)
Agitating Magnetic stirrer (Dyestuff/Auxiliary)
Accuracy ±0.02cc
Speed Minimum 4min./12pot 3 combination
(Medium color) Minimum 8min./24pot 3 combination
Dyeing pot holder 24ea
Syringe capacity 80cc
Robot system 2-Robot system
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