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Spray Mate Lab Spray Dryer

Spray Mate Lab Spray Dryer


  • PLC based control system.
  • HMI user interface ( Touch screen - optional)
  • PC based software for control and data acquisition.
  • Spray dry with aqueous as well as solvent based solutions.
  • Compact table top model; enables  spray drying trial with even 30 ml samples.
  • Designed with a SS-316 material & reinforced with flameproof motors, to withstand the effect of acid & solvent spray drying.
  • Simple to operate and clean, economical and gives quick results.


  • Spray drying        
  • Microencapsulation.    
  • Recovery of synthetic or extracted products.  
  • Structure Conversion.


Evaporation capacity 1.0 L/hr H2O max.
Temperature of drying air:  250°C ± 1°C accuracy.
Heater capacity:  2.5 KW.
Compressed air for spray flow: 2-5 bar.
Chamber Diameter:  4",6" or user specified.
Nozzle: Two-fluid, co-current, SS-316L, 0.7mm, with Auto-De-blocking device & option for variable nozzle apertures.
Material of Construction:

Product contact parts & main stand: SS-316L. 

Heating Apparatus: Borosilicate Glass.

Interconnecting Parts: Teflon, Silicon, Alkathene.

Dimension L x W x H : 50x60x100cm.
Weight:  60 Kg.
Optional Accessories:

Counter-Current Nozzle.

Variable nozzle apertures- 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 mm. 

Three-fluid nozzle. 

Ultrasonic nozzle. 

Twin-Cyclone Attachment.  

Nitrogen Inert loop.

Hot melt system. 

PTFE Scrubber for sub-micron particle collection. 

Spray Congealing Attachment.

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