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Laboratory Bead Mill - RotoMate II

Laboratory Bead Mill - RotoMate II


  • Compact user friendly design.
  • Suitable for continuous circulating batch operation.
  • Minimal loss of product.
  • Significant result within short span of time.
  • Use of small grinding media of 0.2mm for grinding down to nanometer range.


The Bead Mill is used for fine milling, dispersion, homogenisation of a suspension.

The milling/dispersion system in a Bead Mill consists of a Milling Chamber & an Agitator with discs or pegs.The Chamber is filled with zirconia beads & the product to be dispersed.

In the milling chamber, the grinding media is kept moving by the motor driven agitator & the product to be dispersed is pumped into the chamber through peristaltic pump.As the grinding media collides & rolls about each other, the solid particles caught between them are gradually reduced in size.

The milled product is separated from the grinding media at the outlet by a slotted screen or a gap separator, collected in a vessel &  re-circulated back into the chamber via the same pump, while being continuously stirred in the same collecting vessel.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Bead mills are used for nano particle size reduction applications in oral doses, inhalants and opthalmics.
  • Paint,pigment & Dyes: Horizotal bead mills are used for wet milling of organic and in-organic pigments to ultrafine particles.
  • Printing Ink: Our bead mills are capable of handling high viscous products and suitable for all types ( pasty, liquid and inkjet ) of inks.
  • Cosmetics: Development of sunscreen, foundation, eye shadow etc.
  • Agrochemicals ( Pesticides & Fertilizers): For grinding low-viscous and temperature sensitive materials



Grinding Chamber

Volume: 200ml

Inner Chamber material:High chrome nickel steel
Outer Materia: SS304
Rotor material:High chrome nickel steel
Sealing of the shaft

Double acting mechanical seal.

Other Sealings FFKM / PTFE
Separating System Wire-cloth cylinder of SS (mesh size 80 microns)
Grinding Media

Zirconium Oxide

Size : 0.2mm to 3 mm

Media/Bead Charge  450gm
Drive, rpm Variable Frequency Drive, 2HP max. 3000 RPM
Peristaltic Pump 30 litre/hr
Batch Volume 500 ml
Small Agitator Mechanical Stirrer
Display Parameters VFD Speed, Chilled water temp, Product temp
Supply Voltage  230V, 1 phase, 50Hz


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