Coding, Marking and Labelling Systems

SL3 - Laser Coder

SL3 - Laser Coder



  • Compact, complete laser coder in a single unit that meets coding needs at an affordable price
  • Operates without any consumables helps in minimizing running costs
  • Flexible user interface options to control laser
  • IP54 stainless steel and anodized aluminum enclosure to withstand manufacturing environment
  • Operates without interconnections, so the risk of accidental damage to cables by twisting or chemical reactions is eliminated, improving laser reliability
  • Multiple mounting positions and orientations support available for installations
  • Single unit installation reduces production line space usage and installation time


  • Printing on products and packages
  • Substrate- Porous/ Non-porous
  • Industry- beverage, packaging materials, home and personal care,
  • Majority of materials can be effectively marked with a laser coder, including glass, metal, plastic and paper/card


  • CO2 scribing laser coder
  • Line speed - upto 360 m/min (code and substrate dependent)
  • Maximum laser output power at lens - 30W
  • Maximum marking speed [2mm characters/s]: 1300 m/min *
  • Marking ellipse [mm]: 51 x 80; 76 x 120; 102 x 160
  • Marking distance [mm]: 92; 141; 190
  • Number of lines of text - only limited by character size and marking field size
  • Character height - up to marking field size
  • Print rotation – 0-360°
  • Head mounting options: down (90°) or straight (0°)
  • Pilot Laser: available as standard
  • Focus Finder: available as standard
  • Mounting: On 3 sides of laser
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