Colour and Light Measurement Solutions

CR-10 Plus | CR-20 Color Reader

CR-10 Plus | CR-20 Color Reader
Konica Minolta



  • Lightweight, compact size and battery-operated - true portable.
  • Color difference expressed in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*H* and dE* on the LCD screen ( only in CR-10 Plus)
  • Large LCD displays one of eight color spaces/Whiteness Index, Yellowness Index and Tint  ( only in CR-20 ).
  • Built in storage for upto 1000 measurements.
  • USB connectivity for easy PC connection


  • Portable color difference reader for quick and precise color control in any industry.( CR-10 Plus)
  • Portable color reader for entry level absolute color measurement and inspection ( CR-20)


Model CR-10 Plus CR-20
Illuminating/viewing geometry 8°:di (8°illumination angle/diffuse viewing: specular component included)
Detector Silicon photocells (6 pcs.)
Light source Pulsed xenon lamps
Measurement time Approx. 1 sec
Observer 10° Standard Observer
Illuminant D65
Display data Color difference, average (up to 10 times), Pass/fail judgment Colorimetric data, average (up to 999 times)
Data memory Target data, Samples data(up to 1,000 in total) Sample data (up to 1,000)
Color different formula Δ (L*a*b*), Δ (L*C*H*), Δ E*ab (CIE 1976)  n/a
Color Space n/a L*a*b*, L*C*h, Yxy, XYZ, Munsell (D65)
Colorimetric Indexes n/a WI (CIE/ASTM E 313-96), Tint (CIE/ASTM E 313-96), YI (ASTM E 313-96)


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