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ZRM 6014 | ZRM 6013+Retroreflectometer RL/Qd

ZRM 6014 | ZRM 6013+Retroreflectometer RL/Qd



  • 5.7“ high resolution colour touch screen with excellent visibility under all lighting conditions
  • Fold-away telescopic handle and wheels for the first time included in the standard delivery of a retrometer for easy field and laboratory operation ( for ZRM 6014 only)
  • Ultrafast retroreflection measurement (RL and Qd) in about 2 seconds
  • Innovative options to customize the reflectometer to personal requirements. World first camera in the perspective of the measuring geometry, compass and level-meter, GPS unit and various printer versions
  • Factory calibration with a calibration standard traceable to the independent accreditation body METAS, Switzerland


  • Paint, Coating, Road Safety,Highway Projects, Safety Tools,Constructions.



Model ZRM 6014 and ZRM 6013+
Equivalent observation distance 30 m, according to CEN-geometry
Observation angle EN 1436: 2.29°, ASTM E1710: 1.05°
Illumination angle RL EN 1436: 1.24°, ASTM E1710: 88.76°
Illumination angle Qd diffuse
Measuring sensor adaption V(λ)
Measuring area (WxL) 52 mm x 218 mm (2.05" x 8.58“)
Measuring range (RL) 0 - 4’000 mcd•m-2•lx-1
Measuring range (Qd) 0 - 400 mcd•m-2•lx-1
Measuring range profiled markings 5 mm (0.20“), up to 12 mm (0.47“) with instruction
Measuring time RL/Qd without pictures ≈2 s
Measuring time single without pictures ≈1 s
Memory internal flash memory
Memory size 1 GB
Memory capacity 50‘000 measurements without pictures
Interface Host USB (type A), Client Mini USB (type B)
Interface optional bluetooth®
Touchscreen display 5.7“ colour TFT (LCD), LED backlight, VGA resolution
Material housing anodised aluminium
Standards EN 1436 (RL/Qd), ASTM E1710 (RL), ASTM E2302 (Qd), ASTM E2177 (RL wet)
Approval StrAus-Zert, Germany (test No.: 0913-2010-06)
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