Coding, Marking and Labelling Systems

JISL is a provider of Coding, Marking and Labelling Solutions.

Printing of MRP,Batch Number, Lot Number, Manufacturing/Expiry Date etc on primary and secondary packaging is becoming a norm to curb counterfeits and track the inventory of products.

This coding can be achieved by contact or non-contact technology. These machines can be integrated in to existing production lines.

CIJ - Continuous Ink Jet Printer are used to print variable information on individual products such as batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date etc. These are non contact printers and can code on porous and non-porous substrate. Ideal where high rate of printing speed is needed.

TTO- Thermal Transfer Overprinters are the perfect solution to print onto flexible packaging. They can be used to print  information like price , date, time batch , barcodes, QR codes, logos, ingredients etc

TIJ - Thermal Ink Jet printers are economical printers. They use standard ink jet cartridges and easy to handle.Can be used to print text, logo and graphics in high quality finish on boxes and cartons.

Drop-On-Demand printers are used to code on metal sheets & beams, lumber,cement bags and on secondary packaging. Large characters ( 7mm to 50mm height) can be coded using these printers.

Hi Resolution printers are used for printing on primary & secondary packaging. Can print alphanumeric text, barcode and logo on porous and non-porous substrate.  Barcodes printed with high resolution printer are accurate and scannable. These printers are used to print logo and other graphics on blank cartons thus reducing packaging inventory.

Thermal transfer printers are used for generating barcode labels for product & shipping identification. Varous label material and ribbon ( wax and resin) combination to suit different industrial needs.

 Print & Apply system are used to automate printing & applying  labels online.

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