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Torque Measurement - TorqueTrak 10K

Torque Measurement - TorqueTrak 10K
Binsfeld Engineering Inc


  • Easy to Use:

Fits any size shaft, any torque level. No machine modification or disassembly required.

Multi-line LCD receiver display and keypad make system adjustments straightforward.

Calibration is done off-the-shaft.

  • Infrared Remote Control:

Control transmitter operation including channel select, gain/range, shunt calibration and low power standby mode.

  • Reliable Data Transmission:

Clean, noise-free data signal through analog voltage output or digital data output via RS232.

  • Standby Power Mode:

Extends transmitter battery life without disconnecting battery.

  • 16 Channels: 500Hz Frequency response use multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Rugged: Reinforced, injection-molded transmitter housing is built for demanding applications and features V-groove and tape slot for secure mounting.
  • User Adjustable Gain: Amplifying the strain/torque signal to the most useful level. 


  • Industry : Power Generation, Paper, Marine, Steel, Automotive, Pumps & Compressors


  • Sensor Input : Full Bridge Strain Gage ( 4 active arms, upto 1000 W acceptable )
  • Bridge Excitation : 2.5V DC 
  • Sensor Range : ± 125 microstrain to ± 4000 microstrain
  • Transmit distance : Upto 6 mtrs 
  • Power Input : 12V DC nom ( 10-18V DC acceptable ), 300 mA max 
  • Output voltage : ± 10V DC 
  • Digital Output : RS232 type DB9 conector 
  • Operating temperature : -20° C to 70° C
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