Colour and Light Measurement Solutions

CL-200A Chroma Meter

CL-200A  Chroma Meter
Konica Minolta


  • Compact – hand-held, lightweight design
  • Portable – battery operated, receptor head can also be detached from the main body for remote measurements
  • User-friendly – low battery indicator, can be controlled by a PC, easily transfer data to Excel, and includes a calibration function
  • Simultaneous measurements – has the ability to determine illuminance, color temperature, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, and excitation purity of a light source
  • Ideal for white LEDs – can measure the chromaticity from the phosphor as well as inspect the final product
  • Multi-use – can be used for any light source, ideal for LEDs and OLEDs


  • CL-200A Chroma Meter is used to measure chromaticity,color temperature and illuminace simultaneously of light sources like LED, Organic LED and other forms of Organic Electroluminescence(EL).



Receptor Silicon photocell
Measuring range 0.1∼99,990lx, 0.01∼9,999 fcd(Chromaticity:5 lx, 0.5 fcd or above) in four automatically selected ranges(lx or fcd is swichable)
Accuracy Ev: ±2%±1digit of displayed value
xy: ±0.002(800lx, standardilluminant A measured)
Repeatability Repeatability
Response time 0.5 sec.(continuous measurement)
Display 4 Significant-digit LCD with back-light illumination
Measuring function Tristimulus values:XYZ
Chromaticity : Ev xy, Ev u’v’
Correlated color temperature: Ev, Tcp, Δuv
Color difference: Δ(XYZ), Δ(Ev, xy), Δ(Ev u’v’), ΔEv Δu’v’


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