Inspection and Packaging Systems

X-ray inspection - Bulk Material

X-ray inspection - Bulk Material



  • Safety & security: Designed to fully satify every safety standard established by organisations around the world. Leakage level less than 1micro Sv/h. Safe for operator and products inspected.
  • HD & Ulta HD imaging – High resolution x-ray image significantly improves digital data analysis there by increasing performance and detection accuracy.
  • Multi-View Software – Simultaneous view of contaminants of all types and sizes.
  • Password protected access.
  • Multi-lane ( upto 4 lanes)
  • Multiple rejection criteria  based on contaminant, virtual weight, count, missing and more.
  • HACCP compliant.
  • Log of rejection with date and time stamp.
  • Easy maintenace – Tool free belt removal and easy to clean.


  • Detection of bone, plastic, hard rubber, stone and metal contaminants in bulk flow of unpacked material.



  • Detection sensitivity: Fe sphere ans SUS sphere 0.3mm dia, SUS wire 0.2mm dia x 2mm long
  • X-ray output: Tube voltage 25 to 80kV ( Depends on model)
  • Display: 15-inch color TFT LCD ( unified image monitoring screen and operation screen.)
  • Operation method: Touch panel ( with touch buzzer)
  • Belt speed: Upto 90 m/min ( Depends on model)
  • Product weight: Upto 10Kg ( Depends on model )
  • Preset memory: 100/200 ( Depends on model)
  • MoC: Stainless steel


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