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Gravity ( Bulk Material ) Metal Detector

Gravity ( Bulk Material ) Metal Detector
Cassel Germany


  • Outstanding sensitivity, accuracy, stability.
  • Four channel DDS ( Direct Digital Synthesizer) and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technologies provide outstanding product-effect compensation. Auto calibration – fast & easy setup.
  • Digital balance control – levels temperature and humidity influences. No need for recalibration.
  • Digital noise filters eliminate undersiable signals such as vibrations & shocks.
  • Automatic diagnostics.
  • Product library- characteristics of 50 different products can be stored.
  • HACCP compliant.
  • Performance validation using check & catch option.


  • Detection and rejection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants in bulk powder and granular product.
  • Protection of expensive downstream equipment from metal contaminants.



  • Pipe Dia : 100 to 600mm
  • Typical Material flow : 2,000 to 6,56,000 l/hr.
  • Sensitivity ( dia mm): Fe 0.5 to 4.6mm
  •                                        Al 0.7 to 5.8mm
  •                                        SS 0.8 to 6.9mm
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