Industrial Weighing Solutions

Industrial Weighing Solutions division of JISL is engaged in providing electronic weihging solutions to industries.
Weighing is an integral part in many industries. Whether it is incoming raw material or outgoing finished goods weighing plays important role. Accurate weighing helps to increase profit of business by minimizing pilfirage and increasing customer confidence.
Table Top Scales: JISL manufacturers load cell based electronic Table Top Scales. Table Top Scales are compact; zeroing and taring function make weighing process fast and easy. Table Top Scale are available from 1kg to 30 Kg and used in food,pharma and chemical industries for weighing, sampling and counter checking applications.
Platform Scales: Platform scale is a combination of weighing platform and weight display indicator. Platform scales are available from 10Kg to 5000Kg capacity. Based on application & site condition type of platform is selected. Low-profile and Ultra-low profile (platforms of smaller heights ) are available for special weighing applications. Wide choice of indicator and mounting options are availabe.
Weigh Bridge: JISL manufacturers electronic weighing bridge. Main components of weighing bridge are platform structure, load cells, junction box and weight indicator with PC connectivity. Weighbridge structure is modular and comes in different size and capacity ( 30 Ton to 100 Ton).
Filling Systems: JISL Provides Liquid Filling System for filling drums, tins and jars. Drum filling system consits of weighing platform, filling nozzle and weight controller. Drum of different heights can be filled. Filling Systems are designed based on nature of the liquid – viscocity, foaming, non-foaming etc.
Tin filling system is used to fill tins/jars from 5Kg to 30Kg. System comprises an intermediate holding tank to achieve higher filling speed and accuracy.
Process Weighing : In process industry it is imporatant to know the weight of material in vessel, tank, reactor, blender/hopper. During processing different materials are added by weight into vessel for further processing. JISL provides process-weighing solutions to these industries. Load cells are installed below tank/vessel using mounting assemblies. Weight indicator is connected to loadcells using junction box. Our well trained sales personnel will visit site and guide to select right options.
JISL Sales personnel are trained to provide right solutions (or can help you to select right weihging scales) depending upon area of application, maximum and minimum weighment and least count required.
In our ISO certified manufacturing facility we produce weighing scales which meet Good Manufacturing Practice, US FDA requirement and IQ,OQ & PQ documentation.
JISL represents Binsfeld Engg of USA in India for their Real Time Torque measurement products on a rotating shaft.
Applications of Real Time Torque Measurement :
  • Ensuring integrity and safety of mechanical system.
  • Evaluating prototype design and verifying performance specification in line with deign specification.
  • Isolating true cause of expensive failures and minimizing downtime.
  • Determining load distribution / deterioration over time.
  • Monitoring engine performance.
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