Digital Printing Solutions

RIP Software - Neo Stampa

RIP Software - Neo Stampa


  • Ink control and linearization  
  • Simple, intuitive and user friendly  
  • Multicolor calibration 
  • Step, repeat and profiler   
  • Color charts/ special colors
  • Workflows and cost control


  • Textile and color matching


  • Supported operating systems:  Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server                                                            
  • Supported file formats: Image formats, Vector/combined formats, Multichannel formats, Layout formats
  • Supported color spaces: RGB (supports embedded profiles),  CMYK (supports embedded profiles), Grayscale (supports embedded profiles), LAB (CIELAB D50, 2°)
  • Supported spectrophotometers:     Avantes Spectrocam, GretagMacbeth Spetrolino/SpectroScan, GretagMacbeth EyeOne Pro, Xrite DTP 32, Xrite TDP 41, Xrite DTP 51      
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