Digital Printing Solutions

Advances in Digital Printing Technology has created many printing solutions that substantially reduce production cost and also resulted in profitable low-volume production.

Digital Textile Printing is  a process of printing colorants on to fabrics using inkjet technology. Inkjet printers are equipped with transport mechanism to handle fabric movement.

DTG – Direct To Garment printing is also a inkjet based textile printing on small fabrics mainly used to print on T-shirts, dresses, promotional wear etc.

In Direct Textile Printing low energy sublimation inks and high energy disperse inks are directly printed on fabric. In sublimation printing, first printing is done on a transfer paper and it is transferred to fabric using heat press.

RIP – Raster Image Processor is a program designed to enhance digital printer's printing capabilites. It can process and print multiple files simultaneously. RIP software can handle different types of files.  Processing of large image files becomes faster and consitent. Processed data can be stored making reprints fast. It helps in saving ink and media by giving flexiblity in layout design.   

JISL offers T-Shirt printers, Digital Textile Printers, sublimation / transfer printers. These printers can print on cotton, silk and polyester materials. Different models and accessories to meet specific requirement.

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