Modern laboratories are required to dispense dyes/ auxiliaries to meet high sample demand of market and ensure reproducible accuracy in dyeing in short period of time.

Lab dispensing is made easy and fast using Daelim Starlet’s Lab Auto Dispensing System.

Automatic Lab Dispensing System

Auto Lab dispensing system is used for dyeing of Cotton and Polyester – fibre, yarn and fabric. Reactive, Polyester and Vat dyes and auxiliaries are dispensed with high accuracy and speed.

Auto dispensing system consists of weighing module, bottles (98/120/140) to store stock solution, pots ( 12/24) to store dispensed recipe and two robotic pipettes.

Dye solution is prepared using high accuracy ( 3digit ) weighing balance for weighing dyestuff and 2 digit balance for water weighing. Magnetic stirrer is used for uniform mixing of dyes.

DyeFocus and Magnetic Stirrer

System is equipped with two robotic long lasting stainless steel pipettes. Pipettes are auto cleaned after dispensing each color. Pipette cleaning is done in multiple steps using air and water so there is no chance for contamination.


Accurate dispensing of dyes. No human error.

Many samples can be dyed in short time ( ex: In 24 pots system, 24 recipes of 3 dyes combination along with auxiliary can be dispensed in less than 15 minutes).

Accuracy in dispensing helps in getting consistent matching results. Same results can be replicated in production house. Many leading dyeing units are using Daelim Starlet Auto Dispensing Systems since many years.


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