In ceramic tile manufacturing, as manufactures can not fully control the material and process parameter, there are chances of variation in shade of tiles.

Before dispatch of tiles to consumers, tiles have to be classified and sorted based on shade to avoid- sales return and protect brand reputation. Visual inspection and sorting is difficult as it is subjective. Manufactures have to establish a system for shade classification.

Colour measuring instruments can be used to quantify the colour ( shade) of ceramic tiles.


JISL worked with ceramic tile manufacturers and have jointly established a shade classification system in their plant using Konica Minolta colour measurement instruments. These instruments provide reliable and repeatable measurement values.

The measurement includes L*, a*, b* values for plain tiles. Sorting can be done under different light sources.


More than 50 ceramic tile manufacturers in India use Konica Minolta CM2500d or CM600d models for shade classification and sorting of tiles in their plant.   

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