Inspection and Packaging Systems

VRI - Visual Rotating Inspector

VRI - Visual Rotating Inspector



  • Inspection of glass or plastic medical containers for liquids, powder or lyophilized drugs.
  • Wide range of models to cover all inspection needs like particle checking, fill level, cosmetic, leak test etc.
  • Inline and standalone models.
  • High speed - upto 24,000 containers per hour.
  • Operation by single person.


  • Inspection of vials, ampoules,cartridges, syringes, bottles etc. in pharmaceutical industries. 


  • On request.

Following models are available:

  • the Argo and Angkor models combine particle checking, filling level checking with cosmetic and functional faults detection;

  • the Icon models perform vacuum leak testing to verify the integrity of containers;

  • the monobloc Evo models integrate all the above functions with labelling, rinsing and drying options.

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