Moisture plays important role in industries. From raw material to finished product monitoring of moisture content is very important.

There are various methods to measure moisture content. Loss on drying technique, Karl Fischer method are widely used in industry. Generally, ovens were used in drying technique. In this method, samples are weighed before drying and agin after drying. The difference in weight is calculated manually and using formulae, moisture content is determined. The process is cumbersome, time consuming and error prone. Also some times excess heat may decompose the sample.

MX series moisture analyzers make moisture analysis easy, accurate and repeatable. Weighment and heating are major components of mosisture analyzer. Sample of more than 0.1g can be used for analysis. Optimal sample sizes, along with optimal heating condition such as temperature and heating time can lead results that are compatible to those obtained by Karl Fischer method.

Moisture Analyzer - Easy to Handle

MX series moisture analyzers use halogen lamps for heating. SRA – Secondary Radiation Assist technology helps in uniform heating and shortest measuring time. Halogen lamp can heat a pan from room temperature to 200 deg centigrade in just 2 minutes. Five different heating methods are available. Sample can be directly observed during heating, this feature is particulary useful when determining the optimal heating conditions for new samples. It is important for users to observe the sample through progress window to ensure the results are accurate.

Moisture Analyzer - Progress Window

It is not recommended to test explosive material, flammable material and material that becomes hazardous when heated.

Typical sample requirement
Estimated moisture content Required sample weight (g)
0.10%  20 or more
0.50%  5 or more
1.00%  2 or more


Typical Measurement Results
Sample Wt (g) Measurement Mode Pan temp (c) Meas. Time (min) Moisture content (%)
Mean value Repeatability CV Value
Tooth Paste 1 Standard-MID 180 6.4 36.43 0.47 1.3
Lipstick 1 Standard-MID 100 1.9 0.78 0.19 24.91
Packaged Rice 1 Standard-MID 200 15.3 64.51 0.38 0.6
Sugar crystals (powder) 5 Standard-MID 160 1.7 0.16 0.01 8.02
Salt 5 Standard-MID 200 1.7 0.16 0.01 5
Ketchup 1 Standard-MID 160 16.1 70.42 0.64 0.91
Cement 5 Standard-MID 200 3 0.41 0.02 5.44
Polyethyle terphthallate pellet 10 Standard-HI 180 6.8 0.3 0.0045 1.34
Rubber 5 Standard-MID 200 4.3 22.3 0.08 0.36


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