Over lighting of street lights consumes electricity and wastage of resources and the illumination of the street has to be measured so that the light is optimized.

Illumination distribution of street light at different points of street is challenging because one has to capture data at the same time so purchasing multiple devices for the measurement can be quite expensive and capturing data in the software simultaneously can be confusing.

Street lighting

Konica Minolta Illuminance meter T-10A/ T-10 MA is a multi point measuring device (2 to 30 points) in which one can connect with one device with several receptors and analyze the illumination distribution of the light. It is compatible with PWM controlled lighting which enables measurement of next generation light sources.

Illuminance Meter T-10AMultipoint Measuremnt

Key features

  • Small receptors head to measure illuminance in special situations
  • Accurate measurement of Pulse Modulated Light Sources (PWM)
  • LCD backlit for low illuminance levels
  • T-10A confirms DIN-5032 Class B standard and JIS -AA Class
  • Measuring range upto 0.01 to 299,900 Lux / 0.001 to 29,990 fcd
  • Relative Spectral response : 6% and cosine response : 3%
  • Useful for Designing of Architectural Lighting & measurement of uniformity on projector on screen and other areas using multiple sensor head 
  • USB interface supports direct connection to PC


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