The FSSAI has clearly mentioned the guidelines for labelling of food packages in it’s Food Safety and Standards(Packaging and Labelling) Regulations , 2011. List of Ingredients, Nutritional information, net quantity, Code No/Lot no/batch no, dates and price etc has to be mentioned in clear and legible format.  All Food and Beverage manufacturing companies have to follow these guidelines in order to sell their products in India. While exporting, the manufacturer will also have to follow the regulations of the importing company.

A poorly labelled food product will not only reduce it’s sale but also create doubts in the mind of the customer regarding the brand of the manufacturer. On the other hand, a well labelled product will sustain continuous sale and create a bold impression about the brand image of the manufacturer.

The Code No/Lot no/batch no information has to clearly printed on the food package. In case of any product complaint at the consumer end, It is this coding information that will help the manufacturer to trace the origin of the damage and recall the product at the lot or batch level. If the batch coding information is not clearly printed, the manufacturer will not be able to detect the extent of damage. Besides the manufacturer, the regulatory body may also at it’s discretion, conduct independent research of any food product and check tracability depending on the batch no or lot no.Packaging Label

The manufacturing date, best before date, expiry date etc have to be clearly mentioned on the package as per the FSSAI regulation. Any misprint in these dates will not only affect the sales but also attract penalty from the regulatory body. Misprinted dates may create problem of – Consumption/sale of expired products, recall of products before expiry date

Price amount should be clearly printed on the package and should be visible from a long distance. If the price is not clearly printed, then the dealer/retailer may mislead the buyer and charge higher.

All the labelling and Batch-coding information should not change or become un-readable with time, temperature or change in environmental condition of humidity or moisture. The text should not wash away in contact with water or fade under hot conditions.

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