In the Dyestuff Industry Quality Control is of utmost importance,this is to ensure proper shade, strength and other properties are obtained up to the mark in the final product when they are applied. 
Conventionally people evaluate above quality parameters by visual observation. This may lead to disputes when evaluated by various persons. Also it is difficult to quantify exact color by human eye. Other factors affecting the visual observation is depending on human eye sight, lighting condition, mood of observer, background color etc.
When blends are obtained by mixing different dyestuffs, on application sometimes shade when compared to the target may show difference under different light sources this shows that blend is metameric and such blends can be avoided. 
Konica Minolta CM-3600A is a state of the art Spectrophotometer having both Reflectance and Transmittance facilities. This helps in controlling various parameters during manufacturing process and in finalisation of the end product.
During manufacturing one can ensure proper quality checks using Transmission(liquid measurement) as it is much faster than preparing and measuring lab-dips.Also one can adjust the shade and strength in liquid form,thus the Dyestuff powder when spray dried will be very uniform,this will help in time and cost savings.
The  data of each dyestuff lot can be stored in the system memory and can be recalled if necessary.
Various other properties of the dyestuffs like rubbing/staining can be studied using spectrophotometer.CM-3600 Spectrophotometer
 Tolerences can be set for pass/fail to ensure lots are within limits of passing.
Thus the use of Spectrophotometer with QC software can reduce the lead time and cut cost and helps in improving the Quality Control of Dyestuffs.

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