Colour and Light Measurement Solutions

CA-2500 2D Display Color Analyzer

CA-2500 2D Display Color Analyzer
Konica Minolta


  • XYZ filters provide high correlation with the spectral response of the human eye – uses XYZ filters that closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions to provide luminance and chromaticity measurements.
  • Expanded low-luminance measurement range – minimum measureable luminance has been Improved from 0.1 cd/m² to 0.05 cd/m².
  • Improved durability – service life measurement cycles have been increased to approximately 5 times that of the CA-2000
  • Advanced Data Management Software CA-S25w
  • SDK (software Development Kit), as a stand accessory, used by customer to efficiently create their own software for controlling the CA-2500.
  • Capable of simultaneous measuring of multiple samples.


  • Automobile, Display, Electronics, Medical


Model CA-2500S CA-2500W CA-2500T
Light Receptor CCD image sensor (monochrome) ; 2/3-inch ; Effective number of pixels : 1,000 x 1,000 pixels ; Equipped with XYZ filter (closely matches CIE 1931 color-matching function) and ND filter
Lens Interchangeable Standard, wide, and telephoto lenses; low-magnification and high-magnification macro rings (for use with telephoto lens)
Color Indication mode XYZ, LVxy, LVu’v’, T∆uv, Dominant wavelength, Excitation purity, LV contrast
Display Modes Pseudocolor, Chromaticity diagram, Spot, Cross section, Color Difference
Measurable Luminance Range (including ND filter use) 0.05 - 100,000 cd/m2 0.05 - 100,000 cd/m2 0.25 - 100,000 cd/m2
Other Functions Measurement sync (Synchronization frequency selectable), User calibration Integration function
Interface USB 2.0 or higher