Inspection and Packaging Systems

Vial Inspection

Vial Inspection



  • Designed to inspect different sized vials with very short set-up times.
  • cameras to acquire images of vial to detect all possible defects.
  • Checking of powder level contained in the vial.
  • Flip off inspection.
  • Defects of the ring nut.
  • Detection of cracks in the lower part/ bottom of the vial.
  • Advanced HMI Operator Panel – All the machine control funtions are located in a single touch screen panel.
  • 21 CFR compliant.
  • 5 levels of User Access Control.
  • Single interface to check all cameras, status of machine and run diagnostics.



  • Automatic inspection of vials for fill level, foreign bodies, cosmatic defects, glass integrity etc.


  • Output : 18000 vials / hr.
  • Maximum vial linear speed at inlet: 22.86 m/min
  • Vial step: 76.2 mm
  • Vial outlet: 2 outlet channels for good vials. 1 outlet channel for rejected vials.
  • Vision hardware: 14 high resolution BW CCD cameras 1024x768 1 high resolution color CCD camera 1024x768 6 A2 Analyzers.
  • White LED high power and stability illuminators
  • Other hardware: 15 inch touch-screen, Industrial PC Ethernet interface.
  • Digital I/O for line interface. 
  • Built in laser printer for reports & audit trails
  • Safety & Alarms: Alarms for safety guard opening, minimum load, failed rejection, Coloured warning lights and buzzers.