Industrial Weighing Solutions

Solutions For LPG Plant

Solutions For LPG Plant



  • Field selectable cylinder capacity
  • Digital output for coarse and fine
  • Simultaneous display of weight, target weight and current status
  • Inbuilt totalizer
  • Facility to enter tare weight
  • Inbuilt timer to safe guard against accidental over filling
  • Optional certified IS Keyboard for Tare weight entry
  • Up to 8 nos field configurable digital outputs
  • CIMFR/CCOE approved system to use in zone 1, Group IIA and IIB



  • Check scale- for on-line checking of filled LPG cylinders for correct weight. In off-line for SQC of filled cylinders.
  • Correction scale - for evacuation of excess LPG filled in cylinder and for filling in case of short filled.
  • Filling scale - Semi-automatic off-line filling of LPG in cylinder by weight.


  • Weighing Capacity: 100kg / 10g, 150Kg/20g, 200kg/20g, 300Kg/50g, 1000kg/100g
  • Platform Size: 500 mm Sq, 610 mm sq, 750 mm Sq,1250mm Sq.

** Pnuematic arrangement, lifting table, conveyor, filling gun etc are not included.