Laboratory Equipment and Systems

JISL is a manufacturer and exporter of Laboratory Spray Dryers. Laboratory Spray Dryers are used for Spray Drying aqueous and solvent based solutions. Spray Mate and LSD-48 models are available.

JISL promotes Precision Balances and Analytical balances manufactured by A&D Company, Japan. These balances are used in food, pharma and chemical industries and Research & Development centres.

JISL promotes Halogen Moisture Analyzers manufactured by A&D Company Japan. Moisture Analyzers determine moisture content accurately and quickly using small sample. Moisture Analyzers are used in food, pharma, chemical industries and research labs.

JISL promotes Sine-wave Vibro viscometers manufactured by A&D Company Japan. SV Series Viscometers can display viscosity and temperature simulatneously. Viscosity of the specimen is measured without stirring and ideal to measure low viscos samples with good repetability.